Friday 20 December 2013

London City Lights - Holiday Festivities in full blast!


Being it less than ONE WEEK before christmas, it is officially Christmas Week! Hence proving why I have let out two other Christmas Posts this week! One being some festive spirit and another being outfit ideas! Who isn't hurrying around searching for the perfect presents, admiring the beautiful scenes in town - so find the perfect outfit for the parties can be made easier with those ideas!

Anyway, so like I had just mentioned, part of the Christmas Spirit is admiring the festive spirit in town.. so with that I thought I'd share my town with you!

So, if you follow my twitter then you may have seen me mention that I went to the city one Friday night and had so much fun… so obviously I took some pictures:

This was Oxford Street! The bobbles looked so lovely and I like the way the bus is in this image! Really brings out the idea of our beautiful city of London! 

Piccadilly Circus: There's a SNOWGLOBE around the statue! What a cool idea, hey? You may have read this post where I met Nick Clegg, well, I went there then and it looks totally different! The christmas atmosphere changes a lot! 

Look at the Christmas Tree!!

 We stumbled across a Christmas Market and obviously had to have some Roasted Chestnuts! They burnt some, but it was fun none-the-less!

 Also, I had a chocolate covered apple!

As for my bedroom, I have christmas lights behind my bedstead and tinsel wrapped around it! Not shown in the picture is a snowman teddy (called Mr. Chilly, FYI) and 3 christmas candles!

 Finally, the CHRISTMAS TREE!

So tell me, how has your city decorated for Christmas, or how have you?