Monday 2 December 2013

NOTD - Diamonds on the clouds...


Itttt'ssss Monday - you know this calls for a Manicure Monday!
I love these posts as I love painting my nails. Okay, let's be honest here: I like it when my nails are painted - I don't like painting my nails. However, when they're painted, I feel better than when they're not painted - so painting them it is!

I felt like rocking a lighter shade as the last manicure I had were darker in colour and quite bold.

This time I went for a Champagne, nude base colour and a sparkly top coat. I used a couple of coats of both to make my nails look nicer.

I've received many compliments from people asking if they are gel nails!

The top coat is by Barry M, a jewelled glitter paint called 'Diamonds'. It's very subtle on this shade and twinkles in the light.

The nail look reminds me of snow and 'winter whites'.

I like painting them while watching something…. and that way I am patient enough to let them dry properly between coats! This makes them stay on longer, so I have to paint them less often - avoid chipping and still have painted nails… it's a win, win situation!

Oh, and Happy December!

What's the best time for you to paint your nails?