Friday 21 February 2014

Music of the Moment


Right now certain songs have literally been on repeat for hours on my iTunes - so, of course you had to hear them! Although it hasn't been far too long that you've seen a playlist type of post on BerryBloomXO, yet I couldn't resist!

1. Say Something - Christina Aguilera, A Great Big World

This song was covered by this years US X Factor winners, Alex & Sierra, which is where I first heard it. A couple of weeks later I came across the song on YouTube and had it on replay for about 2 hours straight! For the record, I am still not sick of it! A song that will never get old and a must listen to!

2.  If - Luke Conard

Another YouTube find, Luke Conard is a YouTube musician and this is one of the many great songs he has on his channel. If you watch the Music Video, you'll see it's not just another 'boyfriend/girlfriend' song, but about another special lady in his life. It's so lovely and again I can listen to it on repeat (but not quite as much as 'Say Something'! Haha!).

3. What Now - Rihanna

She's back. RiRi has been off my playlists for a while now but this song has bought her back! I feel she has evolved to a different perspective again and this song is definitely one you could fall in love with. At first I thought it was a little iffy, but it has definitely grown on me!

That's it! My fav songs of the moment!
Are you as addicted to 'Say Something' as I am, or is something else on repeat for you?

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