Friday 28 February 2014

Weekly Roundup #LastEver


This is BerryBloomXO's 100th post!!! What??! Can you believe it! Well, to keep this one more personal, it's a weekly roundup, and quite possibly the last EVER Weekly Roundup…

That's right, last ever. Okay, well, not the last EVER ever, but seeing as there are more than 10 Weekly Roundup posts, it may be time to change it up a bit… like a new name, perhaps? Considering that 'Weekly Roundup' is used by like every blogger, that or 'Friday Favourites'! To make things different and change up the name, a new one is needed so here are some ideas: Weekly Berry, BerryRoundup … okay, I'm not that creative but YOUR help is needed!!

We'll come back to that, but to the Weekly Roundup:

I passed my Driving Test!! 

I obviously had to blur out like all of the certificate due to personal information and things, BUT I passed! It was my first time taking the test and I thought I was going to fail as the first turn I took was very wide - because I was nervous, of course - but it was all good! Honestly, it was unbelievable and it still hasn't hit me that I can drive officially now! 

Relax time watching BRITs 2014

Being a true candle-lover, you would know what joy it brings when a candle is lit! After having redone my room, I had not lit a candle - purely because I had forgotten. Watching the Brits on my Laptop (while tweeting, of course!) with a candle on my bedside table was super fun and the show was great this year! 

Birdie Time

The rare times when the sun actually shines in London, we make the most of it! Having gone to the park to feed the ducks and birds in the beautiful weather, I couldn't resist but take a snap!

It was a lovely week! I hope you had a great one too and I wonder what your highlights of the week were!
One solution left to find: What to name the series, please share your suggestions!