Monday 7 July 2014

Whole Foods Market Haul: First Ever!


If you live in the US, a Whole Foods Haul may be pretty usual for you - but for people like me, and possibly other countries in the world, the whole 'Whole Foods' thing is pretty new to us. But boy am I glad Whole Foods has come to Town - I say that but it's still pretty far for me, yet I'm definitely more likely to go!

"boy am I glad Whole Foods has come to Town" 
When you enter whole foods, you see fruits and vegetables, smiling faces and very healthy looking people! I love the vibe of the market and the idea that everyone has the same priorities as you!
Even going to the checkout, the lady there was greeting me with jokes and recommendations, telling me the Snapea Crisps are "dangerously good" and making me even more excited to try them!

I had known there was a Whole Foods in London but never thought of going until I passed it on the way back from China Town with our Bubble Teas on our last trip to London. We had a quick pop in and out of the store as one of my friends and I were literally jumping with joy at the sight of the 'Whole Foods' sign - yet too overwhelmed to actually purchasing anything...

"the Snapea Crisps are "dangerously good""
The second time we went was last week, this time ensuring we were going to buy at least one thing. So we went down to China Town to get ourselves some bubble tea (now becoming some sort of a ritual) and then went to Whole Foods in Piccadilly. As soon as we saw Snapea Crisps, which have been raved about on YouTube, we had to pick these up. If you've tried Sugar Snap Peas, you know how amazing they are - as I am a huge fan of them, I hope I will be of these too.

For your information, there are more than one flavour, I also spotted the 'Caesar' flavour and 'Tomato' - yet 'Lightly Salted' seemed the safest option.

"Chia Seeds are the superfood of the moment"
These two items were no brainers when it came to Whole Foods. Chia Seeds are the superfood of the moment. Superfoods are the foods with a lot of nutritional value per calorie unit. There are so many great things you can do with those tiny seeds: put them on your cereal, in your smoothies or make Chia Seed Pudding.

Cacao Powder is basically chocolate - but the raw, good-for-you kind. I was in search of this but had only found cocoa power thus far, which is great for making healthier hot chocolates, yet cacao powder seems like one step up, and I am excited to give it a go!

"let's hope these babies are satisfying"
I have been loving dates. Having a big box of medjool dates at home meant that I'd freely have a couple when I want something sweet and super yummy! Running out of those, I was left feeling empty - let's hope these babies are satisfying! I love dried fruit and seeing these mango and pineapple sachets in the store, I had to pick them up! These were actually near the checkout line, which is a very smart place to put them!

"Too many good things all in one place!"
A simple 5 item shop left me satisfied with my shopping trip in Whole Foods - still being overwhelmed with the amount of amazing things they have on sale there, I was unsure of what exactly to pick up! If you've been to whole foods for the first time, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean: Too many good things all in one place! 

What's your favourites from Whole Foods / Health Food Stores?