Wednesday 18 February 2015

Chanel No 5 : POTW


Perfumes are the total go-to gift, and no wonder this is one we receive the most. I knew it was coming but what I didn't expect was Chanel. The beautiful packaging, the significance of the iconic brand and the scent that is everlasting, as it works with all age groups, is what got me so excited about it! 

The thing with Chanel fragrances is that many people think it's for the older generation. I disagree, and I do acknowledge that people say I'm 'mature' for my age, but Chanel fragrance is just eternal.

Let's just take a moment to see the beauty of it. It's just so gorgeous (and photogenic, may I add ;) ). The fragrance is quite musky. Seeing as florals are seen to be for the younger generation, and this is not that, it may be the reason for why it's classed as for the elder generation. Either way, I love a bit of vanilla muskiness.

Though I don't see it as an everyday fragrance, unlike this one, it is one for special occasions, and one full of memories.

Tell me, what is your favourite 'high end' fragrance, saved for the special occasions?