Wednesday 31 December 2014

Best of 2014: BBXO


"wishing you a fabulous year ahead - welcoming 2015!"

So, in less than 24 hours we shall be in the mist of 2015. This is about the time the words that pass everyones lips is: 'The year went by so quickly'. Well, what better way to end the year than take a step back, hey? Time to reflect on the year: The best of BBXO in 2014...

Something to go to when you feel down or just want to stay in bed all day. If you're feeing a little poorly, these tips may just help you feel better - plus, who doesn't like lots of pillows on their bed? :)

The juice detox was quite popular this year, and you'll understand why this post got a lot of attention. Although I'm not one for that 3-day juice thing, we do have fresh juice most mornings. Want to see why that trend was (is) so huge? Well, head on over!

Motivation Monday was quite the series this year. It had great responses and starting the morning with some positivity is always a good idea.

Although the holiday season is now over, (somewhat, as my christmas decorations are still up...) the London decor never disappoints. From the last festive season, these photographs from a trip to London seemed to be quite interesting! Oh, good old England :) 

BerryWeekly, the series we thought would come to an end only just changed the name and began to flourish. The personal touch and reflection of the week is almost a version of this Best of 2014 post in a smaller time scale. It's been lovely taking photos and being able to share ideas, visits and food with you.
Making calendars was a new thing to this year and you seem to love them! Every month a new calendar is released. 2 different designs to choose from but the practicality of the idea still there. Free to download and print, these are likely to continue if you still love them! Ideas are welcome, by the way. Just to throw it in here: The January 2015 Calendar is available HERE. 

It has been an amazing year and sharing experiences and ideas with you has been incredible. I hope to continue to provide content for you and hope you enjoy what is coming your way!
Thank You so much for reading, and wishing you a fabulous year ahead - welcoming 2015!

Tell me, do you have a favourite memory of this year?