Monday 29 December 2014

January 2015 Calendar: Free Printable


"Cute, festive and somewhat cosy - it'll also look great on your wall!"

Is it snowing yet? Well, it's not in England and considering its January, a little snow would be just right! Putting that aside, can you believe it's 2015 already? Whether you're planning on getting on that health bandwagon, want to be a more organised person and do well in your studies or just want to continue being the awesome person that you are, a calendar will help you schedule for an amazing year ahead. So, here you are, on behalf of me (BerryBloomXO), a free downloadable calendar! 

Click HERE to Download
Well, what's January without a little snow? (Come on weather, get it right!) if you want to relate your monthly calendars to the season, this is one for you. Cute, festive and somewhat cosy - it'll also look great on your wall! 

Click HERE to Download
This one is great for something less festive and that doesn't remind us how weird the weather can be!

I hope you have a fabulous new year, wishing you all the best for it!
Tell me: What's your favourite thing about January?