Tuesday 2 July 2013

Brush Your Skin for Smooth Skin?

I have recently heard about brushing your skin to improve conditions. Brushing your skin? What's that, you may ask - well, it's basically getting a brush (like the one pictured below) and using it to brush your skin to make it smooth and... well, nicer!
So, all you do is go over your body with this brush, without any water or any soap or anything, it just simply is used dry (hence why it's called Dry Brushing!).
There are many benefits related to this:
- Reduced Cellulite
- Toned Skin
- Smooth Skin
- Eliminates Toxins*
- Increase Circulation = GLOWING skin
- Youthful Skin

*This is told to be a great detoxifier as your skin gets rid of a lot of toxins that we have in our body, so if the pores are clogged, these toxins cannot be removed, so by dry brushing, we are unclogging our pores and therefore detoxifying our bodies!

Not only that, it is also Anti-Aging! Prevention is key, guys, lets jump on this bandwagon.

I don't currently do this but did some research and would love to try it out myself. When I first heard about this dry brushing, I used a flannel to do the same type of thing and already I saw a difference. I am definitely going to purchase a dry brush to try out for myself and will let you know how it goes!

There are a couple of dry brushes I am looking into to see which to purchase, all £10 or below:
1. The Body Shop Cactus Brush
2. Amazon - Yerba Prima Brush
3. Tesco - Tisserand Aromatherapy Body Brush

Oh, and you want to use this is motions towards your heart, starting from your feet in an upward motion and avoid any sensitive areas. I would also recommend to not use this brush on your face, although you can get face brushes for a similar effect!

Do you dry brush?


PS. What do you think about naming skin care/body care posts as 'BerryBody' or 'BerryBeauty'?!

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