Friday 5 July 2013

Get Glowy For Summer - Highlighters

Summer comes around and so does the tanned skin and glow - whether it be artificial or real is a different story!
Around summer time the 'oily look' is something that is avoided with matte powder but a dewy, fresh glow is there instead. I recently found that so many cosmetic companies are introducing new highlighters, especially liquid - guys, they are in FULL BLAST right now!
Here are some of the ones that I have recently found:

1. MAC Lustre Drops
This is described as a 'bronzer that applies like liquid sun' - so yes, it is summer in a bottle! This is available in 2 shades: 'Sun Rush' which is a yellow toned highlight and 'Pink Rebel' which is suited for those with pink undertones. This reminds me very much of the 'Sun Beam' and 'High Beam' from Benefit Cosmetics which has been selling for a long time. The MAC Lustre Drops are limited edition and sell for £18 for 18ml, in comparison to the Benefit which sells for £19.50 for 15ml, so the price for the Lustre Drops are lower!
Lustre Drops are water-based though, and would not be waterproof for the days in the pool (then again, who REALLY wears a full face of makeup at the pool?!). 

ANOTHER product from Benefit! Benefit actually have a range of highlighters: Sun Beam, High Beam, Watt's Up, Girl Meets Pearl, Moon Beam, Erase Paste (Concealer and highlighter)... AND they have a mini-kit called 'finding mr. bright' which features High Beam, Posie Tint, Erase Paste and Girl Meets Pearl! So Benefit are really milking this whole highlight product, and to be quite honest, it is selling well! Good for them! These products are great and Watt's Up in particular is a champagne shade which can be placed on top of cheek bones, on the brow bone and anywhere where you think you want a nice glow and shimmer - a highlight to be quite precise! This product provides a luminous sheen to accentuate areas where the sun naturally hits anyway, giving a more chiselled and glow-y look at £24.50.

Lastly, I went ahead and found a cheaper alternative to the liquid highlighters, this one is by ELF and is meant to be used under the eye, however can obviously be used elsewhere. This sells for a mere £3.75 and includes a concealer! 

Liquid highlighters (and all the ones mentioned above) can be applied on top of, or without, makeup! So, if you do want to have a no-makeup makeup look, this could be the only product you need to give yourself a longed-for glow! Who says you don't wake up looking like that? (Nobody needs to know - it'll be our secret!)


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