Tuesday 16 July 2013

Make-up Health Risks - Use by dates


Foods have a use-by date, but did you know that your foundation does too?
You may have heard about the 3 month mascara rule, but mascara isn't the only product which has a use-by date.

A friend of mine sent me an image which states how often makeup should be replaced or thrown out, I then did some more research on makeup expiry dates and wanted to share with you all how important that image actually was.

Only 1 in 4 women notice and use the makeup expiry date rule, which means the other 3 in 4 women (which may be you) are putting their health at risk. How? Well, over time bacteria builds up in our makeup products and we keep applying that to our delicate skin which leads to infections and possibly much worse.

"How do I know the use-by date of my product?" she asks. Well, my friend, here is another version of the image my friend sent me:

These time periods start the day you open the make-up. It can be difficult to keep track though as, unlike food, the expiry date is not written on the packaging.

To keep makeup the most hygienic and ensure that it can be used for a longer period you can do simple things such as washing your brushes between uses so bacteria doesn't build up, make sure lids are closed tightly and check for unusual smells or discolouration which can be signs that you need to chuck out the product!

Honestly, just be aware that after a certain period, it is time to replace that lipstick of yours, because to be quite frank, I've had my foundation bottle for more than 6 months and I'm not about to buy another one anytime soon, nor am I counting the days I have owned my blusher for. If hygiene is kept to a high standard, you look after your products and they don't seem to be causing an issue, I'm sure the 'expiry date' can be longer than mentioned in that table!

Do you keep track of your makeup expiry dates? Let us know!


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