Friday 26 July 2013

Free Smoothies?? Yummy!


How are you enjoying the sun? Ever have those moments when you think to yourself, "Ahh, a nice COLD drink would be amazing right now!" or you just saw the new McDonalds smoothie advert and think: "Might have to try that one out" - Well, you can satisfy yourself... on the house!

                                           Strawberry & Banana Smoothie (Half-Finished!)

All you have to do is download the McDonalds app from the App Store, which is free, sign up, play a little mini game to receive a free smoothie next time you go to McDonalds! It's great!

                                                                          Photo From HERE

My friend and I went to go and see 'The Internship', which is a great comedy movie, really inspirational and got us laughing - after the movie (skipped the popcorn and drink) we headed down to McDonalds to receive our complementary smoothie with no trouble or questioning at all. We were quite shy at first as we had never before used an online coupon in McDonalds, but it was a great service - and did I mention we got free smoothies?!

I ordered the Strawberry & Banana one and my friend ordered the Mango & Pineapple one, it was quite nice. Out of the two I probably preferred the Mango & Pineapple flavoured smoothie, however if I'm honest, I'd probably not (re)purchase these smoothies again - just because I'm not a HUGE fan of store bought smoothies anyway and I think I'll just stick to the McFlurry's from McDonalds!
Actually, I would like to learn to create nice smoothies at home...

Well, anyway it was a nice day out and sipping the free smoothie in the park on a hot day was bliss!
Hope you enjoy the smoothie if you get one!