Wednesday 2 October 2013

BeautyBuys: Rimmel London Apocalips!


As for posting a Fashion Haul last Friday I thought I'd show you a Beauty Buy that I picked up during the weekend. I went shopping and as soon as I saw this on the shelf I knew I wanted it. Okay, I want a lot of things but this was something I REALLY wanted! So, I got it!

This product had a huge phase in the beauty blogger world and at the time I didn't pay attention to it! Now, however, I thought I'd pick it up - better late than never?

All the colours are very vibrant and it is said to be a lipstick in a lipgloss form. This is good as lipgloss always tend to be easier to apply colour evenly on the lips - and this was no different.

I went with Stellar, a deep red (slightly pink) shade, which is perfect for this season, alongside other makeup trends you can view here. Also, every girl needs a red shade in their beauty cabinet!

So, yes, I don't have much else to say about this product other than the application is easy (as far as I can tell with the one time I've used it so far!), the colour is bold/intense and the packaging is nice! You can pick one up for £6.49, have a choice of 13 shades and can buy more than one from here!

What's your favourite Red Lipstick? Leave a comment!