Wednesday 9 October 2013

Get Fall-Festive! - Room Decor


October is most definitely among us no matter how unreal it may seem that we're already in the 10th month of the year - so that means you and I need to make our rooms more fit for the cold and cosy months! Do I sound excited through this post to you? Because I am. Believe me.

First, and foremost, the easiest and most simple thing you can do is light a candle. Okay it's not that easy - I mean you have to go out and look for and buy a candle, then come home, put it in a room then light it (gasp) BUT essentially it's a great way to make your room fall festive! This is one I recently bought and lit:

It's a mulled wine and cinnamon apple scent and makes the room smell and feel warm and luxurious! Featured in my book review here - yes I light candles and read books: pure luxury.

Another idea is things to do with Pine Cones.
You could decorate them with glitter and put them in a pretty bowl.

source: here
This is so easy to do and you can just get the pinecones for free in a local park (as long as it's permitted). For the longest time, I called these beauties ACORNS not PINECONES and it wasn't until I spent a while google-ing random words to try and find what they are called that I started calling them Pinecones - because that's what they are: Pinecones! Anyway, there's a accessible idea too!

source: here
If you don't want to decorate the pinecones (not called acorns - even though you could also collect acorns to display/decorate) then simply decorate the basket

source: here
source: here

Flowers are not only for summer - warm coloured flowers can be stunners for fall too! Who doesn't love a little bit of florals in their life?! If there really aren't any flowers around, even branches look lovely when displayed right! 

source: here
Adding a knit pillow will bring some cosiness to your room! 

Finally, add some pumpkin to your life. October wouldn't be October without a bit of Pumpkin!

source: here
This image is of a pumpkin covered in stocking! What a great idea! It looks so lovely! I wish England was more pumpkin-festive... not many people around here have pumpkins out during fall! 

Anyway, I hope you have a Fall-festive season and make your room as cosy as possible! 
What are your ideas for fall decor?