Friday 18 October 2013

Weekly Roundup #7

Another Friday, another week coming to an end. Is it just me or do you feel that in winter the time seems to speed by, and generally you don't get much done... and you're tired all the time. Okay maybe the last one is just me. ANYWAY, these are some snaps I took recently that roundup... my week!

Favourite Quote: 
HOW CUTE is the Elephanté! Elephants are cute in general! Oh, did you know, an elephant has 5 toes, but not all the toes have nails! Fun little fact for you, there. 
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Favourite Proud-Moment:
Yes, that's right - I hung that baby up all by myself. My desk is a mess, but that's what happens after some hard work - I did clear it up soon after! Okay, I didn't paint it or anything so I guess I shouldn't be as proud as I am about it, but I actually hung it up - and it's centred in the wall and I used a screw. Gosh I deserve a medal ;) 

Fashion Finds:

Finally, I did a LOT of shopping recently and found that I needed to order another set of hangers in order to fit these in my closet - which there is still a lot of room for more! I don't have that many items of clothing but do mix and match everything so I can get LOADS of different outfits from different combinations of clothes! 
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Anyway, that's it!
What is your proudest moment from this week?