Friday 11 October 2013

Girl Time: Movies to Watch!


If you follow me on twitter (which I've been using a more - Yay!) you may have seen the tweet about my recent movie night! I like to have the occasional chick flick night where I usually end up bawling my eyes out and then feel really motivated after it - just inspired for life, you know?

Anyway, one friday night I decided to watch a movie and googled something to watch. I didn't get many great results so decided to make my own post about movies you could watch when you want a girly night in!

1. The Notebook
Image from here
A classic romantic movie that everyone will have heard of!

2. Safe Haven
Image from here
I didn't realise how similar the movie covers looked, but heres another one that is nice!

3. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Image from here
This was the movie I watched when I posted that tweet! It's different from the other two listed but still is really girly!

So, why not watch a movie today!
What's your favourite go-to movie?