Tuesday 15 October 2013

Get Super Soft, Lovely Hands


Surprisingly you may not know exactly how important keeping your hands moisturised actually is. Read on and find out...
Today is National Wash your Hands day. I'm not lying, it really is! It's in this time of the year as with the colder weather, the case of the flu seems to have hit everyone at once. To help stop the vicious cycle of catching and spreading germs... well, wash your hands!

Constantly washing your hands means you're constantly removing moisture from them, leaving them dry and flaky. Whether you're a hand model or not, keeping your hands soft and lovely is key for youthful skin, and should be more of a priority than it seems to be.

Did you know your hands and neck are the first places that show signs of wrinkles? Keeping these area moisturised means you'll look youthful and radiant.
I keep telling my mum this and now she keeps a bottle of heavy moisturiser on the kitchen counter near the door so as she leaves her hands are moisturised. That's not to say I haven't seen my dad use it a couple of times too!

Itchiness, skin irritation and flakiness can also occur due to dry skin, known as xerosis.

Try these hand creams on-the-go:
Image from here
available in Boots, Amazon and many others.

image from here
available from Boots, Amazon

and for a night time treatment - my go to product:
image from here
available from Boots, Amazon and others.

Keep these mini-products in many different places such as:
  • desk
  • purse
  • bedside table
  • kitchen counter
  • coffee table
This way you remember to do this more often.... which is what I need to start doing more! 

So let's do it, you and I - we'll get softer hands together!
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