Friday 2 May 2014

BerryWeekly: Road Trips and Sweet Things!


It's been a long time since a BerryWeekly has been on the blog, the last being about the City of London!
That being said, I took a pretty amazing snapshot, may I say so myself, on the way home from our Road Trip  and wanted an excuse to share it with you!

I had the chance to go to Cornwall for a day, which I was extremely excited about! Little did I know, it was a 10 hour road journey and I was to do it in a van! Not only that, but an accident on the motorway made it an extra hour longer! Nonetheless, it was a fun trip and I loved every minute of it! 

This was the picture I had mentioned earlier! I love the sunset in the background. For the record, I took this picture if the side mirror and was pretty proud! :)

This was taken about 40 minutes later from the picture above and you can see the mirror properly now!

With the occasional AMAZING weather now and again in London - making to most of it is important, right? So I took advantage of it and lay in the garden reading an ebook on my laptop! Btw, have you tried the iBooks App now available on apple products? I use it on my MacBook to read books... You can purchase them online and it's added to your online library. And guess what? They never get dusty! Yay! :D

It was my mums birthday the other day so our family went out to dinner - and after dinner means dessert, right?! Of course! All 4 of us shared this yummy looking waffle - it was my first time having a waffle. It was warm with whipped cream on top and chocolate sauce with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream: Yum! Honestly, though, I wouldn't say waffles are my fav dessert ;)

Oh, and because it was Easter the other weekend, it meant that chocolate was on sale a day after - and knowing my mum, she was going to buy the entire shop - and she got me some! YAY! This white and milk chocolate bunny from Thortons was super yummy!!! 

I hope you had an amazing week and have a fantastic weekend!
What's your highlight of the week, and any fav chocolates from Easter?