Friday 23 May 2014

Movie Watch-List - Spring 2014


If you've been watching the movie headlines out in cinema right now you may notice some that would catch your eye: Godzilla, Superman, Captain America....

Well, these two have caught my eye - helloooo Zac Efron and Cameron Diaz! How can they not catch our eyes, hey? 

Bad Neighbours
To be honest, the rating of the movie doesn't even matter (it's 7.2/10 btw) as long as we get some Zac action, it's good! haha! 

The Other Woman
When reading the description the movie 'John Tucker Must Die' popped into my mind - great movie that was and if this is anything like it, it'll be a great watch!! Rating: 6.6/10

What movie are you dying to see at the moment?