Monday 12 May 2014

Motivation Monday: Cherish the Days


Happy Monday! I hope you're well and as happy as you can be no matter what stress you may have, or what burden may lay on your shoulders. As I mentioned in my last post, it's the stressful Exam Period for me and many others in the UK (do you have exams on too?), and I felt this post was much needed - to keep us grounded!

So with the title of the post, you would've released the theme of this post: Cherish The Days.
Well, with life I think we all come to a point where we realise how short our life is. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? Who knows how long we have?  (okay that sounds really serious and a bit sad, but lets be real!!)

Life will have good things in store, but I always tend to live in the future. It's nice to be seeing things more clearly the way it is now than wishing it was something else, or, like the quote: Waiting for something else. Lets cherish now!
As well as living in the future, you may find that you may live in the past too. We can't change what happened yesterday, let's cherish those moments and create new ones today! Its like the quote from Kung Fu Panda:

My driving instructor used to say this all the time and whenever I think about it, I remember how lucky we are for today - oh gosh, that does sound cheesy but it's so true!! 

Well, although it may seem like life will start after the exams, after something happens but no, life is always going, so cherish the days! 

Hope you have a lovely day and tell me: are you living in the past, future or the present?