Friday 30 May 2014

Suits - TV Show... Are you Suited?


Happy Friday! Are you glad to hear that? The weather being not-so-good makes it feel like the week has dragged on... is it sunny where you are?

Anyway, so the point of the post today is Suits. No, not the clothing - although, it's a big part of it, I guess... but the TV Show! I have heard so much about it within the last week, it now seems a must-watch. Take a look at the Trailer:

It does seem a lot different to the Revenge and Pretty Little Liars which is what I usually watch so I will definitely check it out! Oh, and both of the shows are currently on a break at the moment so I totally have more room for Suits!

Have you heard of, or even watch, Suits? 

PS. a week from today my exams will be over - can we get a YAY? ;)