Monday 9 February 2015

Fight the Fear: Motivation Monday


I was watching Esteé from EssieButton the other day and her words drew me in. More specifically, the quotes she was reciting, and her description of the overall vibe she got from the growingly-famous book Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting that particular video from EssieButton to be my favourite, yet it really drew me in. Not being one to watch SNL, I don't really know who Amy Poehler is (don't shoot me), yet don't think I didn't go straight ahead and follow her on YouTube! I love the way Esteé described her as being such a positive person, up for laughs and is all for the idea of living in the moment. Some of the quotes she recited really got to me, so I rewinded and wrote 3 down. Out of those three, this is the one that fits me most in this moment in time, so naturally, I wrote it out on the whiteboard, and how could I not share it with you?

The quote is meant to portray "everyone has fear". The fear that we think only ourselves feel is probably felt by everyone, yet those doing the things you want to do have overcome that fear and fought. Although it's hard to admit it, we can do anything, and the fear is not what should stop us. We're all scared, just go out there and face it.

I know it's much easier said that done, but, it might be easier done if we believe we're not the only ones faced with the problem, and we can overcome it.

I wish you all the best is whatever plans you have for yourself, and I know you can overcome that fear and do what's best for you. You're never going to be 'ready', you just have to do it.

Tell me, what's one time you were scared, but did something anyway? & How do you feel about it now?

*Well, in some scenarios this isn't the case, because you may not be scared... but you get the gist ;)