Wednesday 28 January 2015

Make the Right Choice of Swimwear for Your Holiday: GUEST POST


I present to you, a guest post. Mind you, the writer is from Australia which explains all the beach talk while we (in England) are in the mist of Winter! None-the-less, here's to bit of summer inspiration:

It’s high time we get some rest from our everyday hard work and weary routine. What keeps most of us going sometimes is the thought about the well-deserved relaxing chill on the beach in the tropics. Most of us is probably looking forward to the seaside holiday to finally unwind, enjoy the swimming and flaunt that killer they have kept hidden so far. The recurring struggle for many women (if not all) is what swimsuit to wear to enhance their look. Everything you need to know and more is packed right below.

Sporty Apple
You can hardly circumvent the matter of dressing according to your body type if you truly want to shine at the coast. We have singled out the four most frequent female body types and we’ll kick off with the athletic. The main traits of this type are wide shoulders and hips that are narrower. The ladies often have muscular lower half so - celebrate it! Choose lower half embellishments and tapering bottoms. Opt for cheerful, girly colors to soften the stronger features.

Petite Frame
If your frame is straight, you have two options to wing it. You can go for the curve buildup or show what you got with no remorse since you’re super fit and fat free. Exploit ruffles, paddings and gatherings to shape up the missing lady arc, but don’t go tassel crazy and overdo it. Another choice is the tiny bikini to liberate your skin enjoy the sun.

Pear Shaped
Some women are not happy with this shape, but there’s no reason. Don’t be hard on yourself as this is really quite feminine and seductive type. No harm in a bit of junk in the trunk, I’ve never heard a man complain. The strategy is to bring the balance by either hiding the hips or magnifying the chest visually.

Curvaceous Body
No wonder celebrity Kim Kardashian has so much success in the business – she’s an hourglass beauty! This irresistible body type is blessed with lovely shoulder-hip equilibrium, still, it requires a bit control. Select the swimsuit non-distorting print, proper structure with the top and mid coverage bottoms.

Prep for Shopping
Imagine arriving at the mall, spotting the perfect piece and realizing you forgot to shave. Take care of your body hairs thoroughly, especially the armpits and bikini line. Mind what you’ll be showing, you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself and lose the will to shop on. Don’t take off your underwear when trying on models, it’s a major sanitary no-no!

Where to Go?
If you’re not that particular about you’re bathing suits, you can visit the department stores that have summer lines. For the really picky ones, the best options are to visit the specialized stores, physical or internet based. If you’re aiming to avoid the potentially traumatic experience and the trouble in the changing boots, shop for swimwear online. Most of them have detailed and quite informative fitting instructions.

Pack like a Pro
Women are notorious for bringing the whole house with them whenever they travel, just to be safe. The truth is they are not all that wrong. With all the awesome accessories come the swimsuits to match with the beach footwear and bags. Another major thing related is the hygiene. Alternating bathing suits is recommended. You’d need to have some in stock while others are washed and drying.

Color and Structure Super Guide
Become a true fashion goddess by selecting the trendy and cutting edge colors to wisely intensify your natural characteristics. Lighter skin is best paired with deep tones such as naval and maroon. On the other hand, darker skin tones make the vivid colors pop. Solids conceal efficiently, and patterns highlight desired spots. Ruffles are great to add volume on key places, while shirred fabrics minimize it.

Strictly Practical
There are times when functional aspect should be taken seriously. Skimpy bikini won’t do you much good if you lose it in plain sight while swimming practice or surfing. Sport swimsuits are an excellent selection that provide you with necessary comfort and support. One-pieces are both useful and flattering if you find the one that works for you. Pamela who? You can top it!

Pro Tips Extra
Sizes are crazy today, just mind that it fits. Consult a friend to receive the most objective picture about your look. Swimsuits get wet and hang, so don’t pick the too large. Wear it only if you feel legitimately relaxed and at home in it.

Beach Queen

The perfect outcome is a happy marriage between a piece that offers suitable coverage, structure and durability, along with the cool design that speaks to your inner preferences. Take your bag or keyboard and get to business to find the true beachwear gem for you.

*Pictures and content provided by external source.