Wednesday 7 January 2015

Natural Teeth Whitening Kit: Review


 Let's get this out there: it is not easy taking photos of teeth. We can now continue..

The teeth whitening kit by Natural Bliss (available here) comes with 3 little pots and a sheet of paper with instructions of how to use it. To be honest, all you need is a toothbrush and you're good to go. It doesn't take too long to do and with a bit of one direction playing in the background to dance along to, the waiting game takes almost no time at all! 

The kit comes with 3 pots with a different ingredient in each. The curcumin didn't do anything special for me, in fact, I almost thought it made my teeth less white. Sodium Bicarbonate is a well know DIY teeth whitener (no surprises that this was a great ingredient) and the willow carbon also worked amazingly well. I'd say the carbon did more for me than the sodium bicarbonate - see the photo below:

Step 1: Apply the Sodium Bicarbonate to your teeth and leave for a bit
   -for me, this worked well but I think my teeth looked extra clean because of the double scrubbing I did, the ingredient in particular was not the miracle

Step 2: Wet a bit of the carbon power and apply evenly, leave for 2 minutes
   -this was the ingredient that stood out for me. I could really tell the difference after the first use of this product. It may be the stark difference between the dark carbon that made me feel my teeth were whiter, or they were actually whiter. Either way, I liked the carbon!

Step 3: Apply the curcumin on to teeth and leave for a while
   -as mentioned previously, I feel like this counteracted the carbon and honestly didn't like it. I also thought it was annoying that it stained my toothbrush. It just didn't work for me. 

Step 4: Brush your teeth clean with water
   -this is where you can taste the curcumin and it's gross. Okay, can you tell I was NOT a fan of the curcumin at all?

Not going to lie, after Day 1, I was super impressed with the teeth whitening kit. My teeth were looking great: super shiny and lovely. The thing is, looking back now I think they might just be that way because I scrubbed my teeth about 4 times, and if you brush your teeth four times within the space of 10 minutes they're bound to look cleaner, right?

After Day 5, I feel my teeth were not as white as they were after Day 1. Contradictory to the whole idea of the kit? Yes. I still feel if I was to use just the willow carbon, the effect would be different. The first two ingredients are definitely worth it - and you're likely to have the sodium bicarbonate at home, so all you need to get is the willow carbon.
None-the-less, the kit is worth it for the willow carbon, and it lasts about 15 days - with each cycle of teeth whitening meant to last 5 days, you can do it 3 times! (yay maths!)

Overall, not bad but I wouldn't say it made a HUGE difference. If you suffer from staining you're more likely to experience better results. If you, like me, have a pretty even(ish) teeth colour and just want a couple of shades whiter teeth, this may not be your best bet.

Do you whiten your teeth? If so, what do you use?