Wednesday 5 November 2014

Setting Your Beauty Free | Guest Post

What is the very first thing that we notice when we meet someone? Physical appereance, of course, more specifically, facial features. This is why we must take care about our skin, so we would be more satisfied with ourselves. If you are having some skin-related issues, no matter how much you are trying not to care about what others may think about you, it sometimes bothers you, because you may find yourself  unattractive, or with low self-confidence, due to the fact that you have, perhaps, acne. Yes, they might be bothersome, and nuisance, but, fortunately, they can be treated. And, you are not alone.


According to some studies, about 80 to 90 percent of young people in Western world are affected by acne. In 2010., it seized 650 million people. And yet, science can not give straight answer to the question:”What is the cause of acne?” On the other hand, there are several factors that could contribute to appereance of this skin condition. In the past, food was considered as one of the biggest reasons for manifestation of acne, but this misconception has somewhat been proven false.

On the other hand, genetics is one of the reasons for having this condition, but, inheritance of acne does not follows the classic Mendelian pattern. Inheritance can skip generations, or be achieved from relatives, not just direct ancestors. However, some new researches have shown a link between specific type of bacteria, called Propionibacterium acnes, which causes inflammation that leads to some more serious cases.

In spite of popular opinion, dirty skin does not causes acne, in fact, scrubbing skin too hard, or using chemically aggressive coditions, lotions or soap, can only irritate skin and make things worse, leading to permanent scarring and marking. Eventually, most scientist agree that acne are connected to hormones, which is the main reason for its appereance during puberty,youth age, or menstrual cycle. For this reason, acne are harder to treat, for example, during pregnancy, when hormones are also on a rampage, because not all medical drugs can be used without risk of permanent damage to fetus.  Acne can also appear, during menopause, or as a result of a Cushing syndrome, which is outcome of abnormally high level of hormone called cortisol.


If not treated in time, or unprofessionally , acne can severely damage skin, and, in most cases the damage caused is permanent and irreparable. Acne can leave scars, marks, dark spots, pigmentations, which are noticeable. Apart from physical aspect, a lot more serious aspect are mental issues, which can lead into depression, anxiety, low level of self-esteem, or, in some extreme cases, even suicide.


Treating acne should be acquired exclusively from professional doctors and dermatologists. Do not wait for acne to disappear by themselves, visit the doctor as soon as you notice any escalation of condition. They will prescribe adequate treatment and take care about you. Luckily, today, thanks to scientifical progress, there are a lot ways for you to get rid of acne. Not all of them include medications, especially those based upon benzoyl peroxide, which is connected with appereance of cancer. In general, medical drugs with each passing day are becoming more and more overcomed by new, painless and modern ways.

Laser technique, for example, represents a cutting edge of struggle of mankind to preserve its beauty. These therapies can also improve skin texture and lessen the appearance of scars. It is completely safe, reliable, and accessible anywhere in the world. If you find yourself on a holiday in Australia, for example, and because of a hot weather, your acne got worse, you can find many specialised companies for acne treatment in Sydney.