Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sporty Trend: SS14 - love it or hate it?


The last two days has been super sunny in London! It's actually sort of feeling like spring! To take advantage of this, a trend came to mind: sporty.

Don't get me wrong, wearing sporty clothes is quite comfy and all - and I tend to wear it without thinking about the fashion behind it, yet it being an actual trend? Hmm I'm not too sure about it. 
Let's take a look at the catwalk:

Tommy Hilfiger presented this look. The monotone blue does remind us of the gym - with the collar top reminding me of P.E. in Primary School! 

Track suit trend! Again, I love wearing track suits when I come home after a long day, yet would I wear this out? Some things should just stay at home, right? 

This does look super comfy, I must admit!! 

The colours are not the girliest, are they? :P

Okay, this is where it ends. The socks are a no-no!

All in all, although the sport trend may not be particularly my style - at least I can make my emergency evening supermarket runs in style, right? Haha! 

Love it or hate it? 

Image source: here