Friday 13 February 2015

iPhone 6, My First Onesie & Bathroom Makeover : BerryWeekly


This Friday has been long anticipated. Why? It's my first weekend off in a very long time! I can't say I wasn't looking forward to it. Actually, do you not think that when you're looking forward to a particular day, the time leading up to it just drags on?

Well, anyway, since the last BerryWeekly, it did actually snow in London! Whoopie! However, not a lot. By afternoon the snow had melted and I didn't get a chance to build a snowman :(
I hope it does snow properly this year!

Though what did make me happy was my new phone cover! The gold and white combination so pretty. On another note, I got my first onesie! How is that even possible? Well, I was obviously late to jump on that bandwagon, yet it has bambi all over and bambi is my fav, so it was totally worth the wait until I got one I loved! Believe me, it was the comfiest thing ever!! I call it "big peoples baby grow" - yeah, cringe but I think that's it's kind of cute!

Here's the old case next to the new. A bit of photography at it's finest! Who would've thought such a small thing would make you feel happier? Change is good :)

Finally, a super random thing to add to this post: I redid my bathroom. I love a bit of pot pourri and scented stuff in the room, so putting some fragrance drops in there, cleaning the bowl and turning the sticks in the fragrance diffuser made the room smell amazing! The main reason the bathroom was redone was all because of towels. That's right, towels. So, all the towels are matching - the face cloths, the hand towels, the bath towels, the lot! A switch over of all the towels to a warmer shade makes everything seem 100x cosier.
By the way, by 'redone' it was mainly just rearranging and decorating! Well, that was a lengthy description of the bathroom, but believe me, it made me so happy that entire day!

That's it! In case you missed this post, follow me on Instagram to see what goes on during the week. It's fun writing about them on a BerryWeekly afterwards, as Instagram only explains half the story!

Tell me, did it snow a lot where you are this Winter? Did you get to build a snowman ;)?