Friday 27 March 2015

Current Music Faves ft. Sam Smith, Taylor Swift + Daniel Duke | MUSIC


"I was out and about with music in my ears, I noticed the song was super catchy and was thinking to myself: Who is the artist?"

We all need a refresh of the playlist every now and again, and when One Directions 'FOUR' get's a bit boring, it's time to hit the charts and see what's new.

Having said that, the charts at the moment are not-so-good. Yes, FourFiveSeconds is a good song, but of the new ones in the top 40, I was probably a fan of all about 3 of them. The songs mentioned here are actually in the charts, expect one of them. That one isn't even available in stores...

1. Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
This is in the title picture for a reason. The song is amazing. The thing about Sam Smith and his singing, is that you can almost feel the emotion as he opens that mouth of his! Through the headphones you are transformed into another world - and one which I would happily live in.

The minute I heard the song, I played it on repeat 3 times. If you know me, you know I rarely watch a movie twice, read the same book again or play a song on repeat (especially when it's the first time I've heard it). This? This was an exception. Other than the song 'Say Something' by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World, which I played around 8 times in a row, this doesn't really happen to often. So, long story short: if you haven't heard this song yet, run over and put it on before continuing to read the rest of this post!

2. Taylor Swift - Style
I'm a big fan of T-Swift. She sings the kind of music I like, whether it be Love Story or Shake it Off - I'm a fan. Style? Style's a little bit different. I was out and about with music in my ears, I noticed the song was super catchy and was thinking to myself: Who is the artist? They're AMAZING! Next thing I know, it's good old Tay Tay. It's something quite different to what I'm used to with her, but it's a great song, nonetheless!

3. Hozier - Take Me to Church
When I first heard this song on the automated YouTube playlist thing (which, by the way, I think it's quite handy) I was totally loving it. I thought the emotion I felt through it was good, and it's like sort of rock/grunge vibe I do actually like. Being a pretty low key, not in-your-face song, it was right up my street! However, it was not one I instantly downloaded. Hearing it again on The Voice UK (covered by Clarke), I knew I had to have it in my playlist, and off I trot to download it.

It's such a great song, and I hope to be loving more songs by the same artist.

4. Daniel Duke - Gonna Be/500 Miles
Finally, the unexpected, not-in-the-charts song you'd probably never expect to see in a current favourite music post. The song that didn't get enough credit, in my opinion, and the artist that should have gotten through to the lives on The Voice UK. That's right, the artist was a contestant on The Voice UK this year, and he was on Sir Tom Jones team.

Tom didn't pick him from the knockouts, and I'm thoroughly disappointed. Tom had a great team - and there were about 4 of the 8 that I thought had great potential, and of the 8, he chose 3 that I think didn't do his team justice. This is all my opinion, but I think I'm just a bit annoyed by the fact than Daniel was let to go home.

Gonna Be/500 Miles was the song he sang on his first audition, and it was incredible! He has such a unique voice that he uses to recreate hit songs in a different way. Here's the YouTube link to his other performance of Shake it Off. The version he crafted was different to the original, but it still sounded awesome!

Although this post was not meant to be a huge ramble on about The Voice, it has been a show I've been loving recently. The songs they choose are the wonderful, and the amount of talent the contestants have is incredible to see.
All in all, these are the Top 4 songs I recommend you listen to, at least once, and possibly add to your playlist.

Tell me, what did you think of Daniel's performance? Like his spin on things, or do you think it's not for you?