Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling | Books


You may have seen this picture somewhere (i.e. Instagram) which hugely hinted at this post coming your way. Since then, I have debated whether or not this should be written. Also since then, another book has been started being read. Let me tell you, it's completely different to the one pictured above!

Well, as we're mentioning all the things that have happened since I started reading The Casual Vacancy, I'll just throw in there that this book has been the inspiration of a new show on BBC called 'The Casual Vacancy'!

For the record, I watched the first episode of that show and was not a fan. It is completely different to how I imagined it would be. To be honest, when I was reading this, I did imagine it to be a bit like EastEnders. You know, with the whole 'peaking into people's lives all over the town and their lives all intertwine, and everyone knows each other' kind of thing, yet I thought it was more 'posh' than they portrayed it in the show. Let me just say: I don't like EastEnders and I didn't like this book.

The reason I picked it up? It's got J.K.Rowling as the author, and as much as I love Harry Potter books, it's the fact that I absolutely adored The Cuckoo's Calling that made me want to pick up this one. It is nowhere near the standard of The Cuckoo's Calling. I feel like it took forever to get the ball rolling in terms of the storyline itself, heck, the ball was never rolling! It was a totally stationary ball.

I do like J.K.Rowling's writing style, which again wasn't too bad in this book, but just when you're getting into a character, it changes and another character is the main story. There are a million characters and it's so difficult to get your head around it - especially if you're not into the (practically non-existent) story line. Maybe that's why it didn't grab my attention, as there was just too much going on.

Long story short, just when you think J.K.Rowling never disappoints (after reading this book by her), she disappoints!

Have you read any other books by J.K.Rowling that may redeem her in my eyes?