Monday 12 August 2013

Beach Bag Essentials!


Being it August, the weather is usually hottest this time of year, but this month also means that Summer is officially coming to end so this is the season to make the most of it!
Also, in England, there is a Bank Holiday weekend which is soon approaching on the 26th August, I have planned on taking a road trip to the beach on the Sunday (hopefully the weather is good) and wanted to share with you my beach essentials (plus I bought a new beach bag that I wanted to picture in a post! haha!)....

Okay so first of all there's the actual beach bag. I personally prefer tote bags to take to the beach as they are cute, big and hold a lot of stuff - and they're cute.

This is the beach bag I got and I love it! The gorgeous yellow colour caught my eye in the store and the bow made the little voice in my brain scream 'You HAVE to get it, you HAVE to!'

You could also bring a backpack - a striped one would be cute as it follows the nautical theme - and nautical is sailors, and sailors at the sea, so sailors at the beach - make sense? So getting a striped backpack totally fits the scene!
The first thing I would say is an essential is something to read. This could be a magazine or a book. I'm currently reading 'About a girl' by Lindsey Kelk, she's the author who also wrote the famous 'I heart' series. The book is a little adult but it is a very light read and I will take it with me to the beach! I recommend a light read to take to the beach anyway, I mean you don't want the person next to you wondering wy you're bawling your eyes out while reading a book - they might think you're slightly crazy...
Just kidding - you can take whatever book you want, though I do suggest a light read!

Also, to pass your time you should take something to listen to. I would take my phone as all my music is on that, but you can take your iPod or Mp3 player or whatever you may use...
Also, don't forget your headphones! Oh, and try to download new tunes so you don't get bored listening to the same old music over and over. Maybe download some audio books if you don't feel like literally reading but reading at the same time? ;)
Two birds in one stone, that is! Talk about Productivity!

Next take protection from the sun! You want to be shielded from those harmful rays that are terrible for our skin - we do not premature wrinkles! Take some sunscreen with at least SPF 20, sunglasses, sunhat (I love my sparkly purple trimmed fedora) and chapstick (with SPF) to keep your lips moisturised and protected!

As for more accessories, you can take flip flops (a must incase you want to switch your wet toes into something you don't mind getting wet), a beach towel or fold chair and hair tie incase we want to move those locks from our face.

Other essentials are a body mist, to smell nice for that dinner out we may attend afterwards and to also cool us down. I love the Victoria's Secret PINK line for body mists, they're so nice and the fragrance line is very big so you're bound to find one scent that you really like. I have currently been using the purple one which is 'Sweet & Flirty'. I get so many compliments on this fragrance and it lasts a long time. It is also very cooling when you spritz it on - a total must have for the beach.
Finally, don't forget your hand sanitizer as you don't want your hand all germy when you hold onto your ice-cream cone which you then eat!

That's it! My Beach Bag Essentials! Hope you make the most of the final days of summer and enjoy your time at the beach!

Keep blooming, berries!