Wednesday 10 June 2015

Be Happy, a Genius & Dream | QUOTES


"Everyone is a genius in their own way. You don't need grades to prove it"

Remember me telling you there'll be a lot of these quotes in these few weeks (post here)? Well, here's another one of those, and this one's got a bit more variety. 


By variety, I feel the post has it's toes dipped in lots of different pools.

It's got the talk about happy.. 
I believe in this whole heartedly. One way to bring this home is the blog itself. I absolutely love writing to you. Sure, sometimes it's harder to think of ideas and get inspiration, but all in all it's a wonderful experience. Not once did I think about what people I know 'in real life' would think of it. In fact, I was kind of shy about that part. But a few months ago, when it came up in a family conversation in front of cousins, they all seemed pretty impressed! I felt proud, but as I'm quite an awkward person, I felt quite shy too! The big picture though, I do it because it makes me happy, not to impress, and I hope that comes through the posts :)


It's got the talk about geniuses...
It is exam time after all, and I couldn't help but put this quote up for you to see. It's something that is so true, and thought about too little. Everyone is a genius in their own way. You don't need grades to prove it.


And it's got the talk about dreams... 
This one is pretty simple but also true. It relates to the idea that you should do things for you, not to impress. Things that make you happy, and things that make you feel motivated and inspired. If someone is telling you it is way to difficult for you to achieve something you've been working on, prove them wrong, and do it anyway. You know what they say, you've only failed if you haven't tried! 

Well, that's it, the post about Happiness, Geniuses and Dreams. I hope it get's you a little more motivated and makes you realise what your goals are in life, whether it be a super professional something, or simply to live happy - go for it! 

Tell me, what is your favourite topic for quotes? Is it about being happy, a dreamer or something that makes you laugh?