Monday 29 June 2015

Peel Off Deep Sea Face Mask | BEAUTY


"if you find you have an issue with large pores, with regular use will see them become smaller"

I love a good face mask. You'd think that they're just for slumber parties and to make you feel like you're a bit of an alien - who knew they actually help the skin?! *shock, horror*

I've always opted for a good old clay mask and have never used a peel off mask. Not going to lie, it did always seem super fun to peel off the mask. Do you remember when you were in Art Class and got some glue on your fingers, and when it's dry it's quite fun to peel it off? Well, this was kinda sorta like that... and it felt good. 

The mask I used was by MayBeauty. They come in sachets which are not only great for trial purposes, and also good for travelling with. I would say though, that I didn't end up using the entire sachet to cover my face, so the sachet might be a bit wasteful. Other than that, the brush is pretty cool, and makes the application so much easier.

"The kit actually comes with a clear skin guide"

The mask is called 'The Incredible Face Mask' and is said to remove dead skin, blackheads, acne and oil - basically helping you get clearer skin. The kit actually comes with a clear skin guide which is really handy. It has tips that can help you achieve clear skin. To sum it up, it has tips such as eating more fruit and vegetables, avoiding refined sugars and refined grains, and all the good stuff that aims for a healthy lifestyle. Pretty neat.

"It didn't do any damage and my skin was smoother"

The mask has a gooey consistency and it a little tough to handle at first, but when you get it onto the brush, you're good to go. When it came to slathering it on my face, I was really scared by the little warning sign that said to be careful not to go near the eyes/eyebrows as it can pull the hair off when you peel off the mask. So, I stayed well clear of the 'brows! 

"after doing a few weird facial expressions the mask loosened and it felt like I was peeling off glue"

Having always been playing it on the safe side when it came to skincare, I was a little terrified (see slightly scared face on third image above -_-) and so not ready for my skin to break out. The mask stayed on for about 35 minutes (they recommend 30-40 minutes), of which I spent most of my time hoping it'd all be okay, and then I peeled it off. It was very easy to peel off. It didn't do any damage and my skin was smoother. When taking off the mask, which makes your face stiff, after doing a few weird facial expressions the mask loosened and it felt like I was peeling off glue - good times! 

"They come in sachets which are not only great for trial purposes, and also good for travelling with"

There were a few bits left, which was easily removed with a bit of warm water. The mask then felt like a black plastic bin bag! Although I didn't receive the same results as I do after a clay mask, it wasn't too bad. I think the mask would be most suited towards those with more oily skin than my combination/oily skin, so for now, I'll stick with the good-old clay.

Also, although I like the idea of peel off masks, there's something about using a warm flannel to take off a clay mask that I have grown to love. Again, for me, the clay mask is what I'd resort back to, yet if you find you have an issue with large pores, with regular use of 'The Incredible Face Mask' you will see them become smaller.

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Tell me, are you a fan of peel off masks or prefer the non-peel off type?