Friday 19 June 2015

3 Wearable Ways to Braids | BEAUTY


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"it's a nice way to princess-ify your hair,"
Do you remember when I told you about me becoming slightly (okay a lot) obsessed with Once Upon a Time? The show, thankfully on Netflix, has been my go-to and the one thing I couldn't get over while watching it was Elsa's hair. 
"What? Elsa, as in Frozen Elsa?" you may ask - yes, I say, Elsa from Frozen featured in Once Upon a Time and she looked gorgeous! I couldn't not write a post inspired by it, so here we go! 

"easily recreate-able with a simple side braid"

Braids are one of my favourite ways to style hair. Not only does it allow hair to be out of your face, but it also looks super pretty! For the hot, summer months, you may opt for an up-do, and what better way to spice up that up-do than with a braid?

Blake Lively created a beautiful style, which is easily recreate-able with a simple side braid and a bun. She pulls the boho look off nicely.

As well as a bun, throw your hair into a pony tail instead and you're good to go!

"one I'll definitely be resorting to this summer!"

The third style is the one shown above. Although slightly different, both styles consist of the same idea. Either a braid, and the other with a twist, it's a nice way to princess-ify your hair, and one I'll definitely be resorting to this summer!

Tell me, are you a braid fan, or is another style your go-to?