Wednesday 24 June 2015

Magnitone Lucid Haul + First Impressions | BEAUTY


Out came the Lucid, and then I was beginning to get drawn in"

If you've been watching YouTubers for a while now, you might remember when there was a huge craze on the Clarisonic. It had just come out at the time, and was pretty much an America-only product. It seemed to have great reviews and I think I'd watched every single one of the YouTube reviews out there! I really wanted one. 
It was, however, a nightmare to get in the UK, and quite frankly, I'm glad I didn't get it then. At £180, it wasn't something I could justify buying, and the hassle of plug exchange and overseas warranty just didn't appeal to me.

Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, holding the Magnitone in my hands with the facial expressions of a proud mother!

When I first saw the Magnitone range come out a few months back, it didn't really appeal to me. At the time they had the pulsar, which is the slightly bigger (and not so attractive) version of the one I got, the Lucid. Although the price of the pulsar is a lot cheaper than the Clarisonic, I didn't want to buy it at the time. Out came the Lucid, and then I was beginning to get drawn in.

"Lucid resembles the Clarisonic Mia, and the range of colours Magnitone has is just beautiful!"

So, having had my eyes on the beauty for a couple of weeks, I knew I had to get my hands on it. There were many bloggers and vloggers showcasing the product, as it had been sent to them. One thing I realised, most of the reviews I watched/read were not reliable. You see people using it for a few days and claiming it to be their holy-grail, others doing a skin care routine video and then mention it's their second time using the product (it's hardly a routine if you've only been doing it for 2 days). I just couldn't trust it.

On the day of my second last exam, I ordered the product from Superdrug, as it's currently on sale for £49.99, down from it's original £69.99. It was delivered on the day of my last exam (last Friday), so it was almost a "yay for completing exams" treat!

I'd say the Lucid resembles the Clarisonic Mia, and the range of colours Magnitone has is just beautiful! There's like a colour to suit everyone! Though I was contemplating between the pink or the aqua, the minty green of the aqua was the one calling my name. Plus, it matches my toothbrush, that's always a plus side, right? :)

"I will keep you updated and let you know it how it's going after a few weeks - so stay tuned!"

As for the brush itself, I've been using it for the past two days and am pleasantly surprised. When you first open the box and feel the bristles on the brush, you wont believe how soft they are. When using the brush on your face, it's a lovely feeling and not abrasive at all. There are two settings, deep clean and sensitive. You're meant to use the sensitive setting for the first 5 days of use, then whatever suits your fancy. You can use the brush twice a day (one minute each time) but for the first couple of days, they recommend once a day to ease your skin into it.

There's a timer on the brush that beeps every 20 seconds, so you have a guideline as to when to move to the next part of your face. They recommend 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 for both cheeks, and 20 for the chin and nose. I do find that I'm often wanting more than 20 seconds, yet I stick to it as I don't want to overdo it. The device automatically turns off after the minute.

"here I am, holding the Magnitone in my hands with the facial expressions of a proud mother!"

So far my skin feels good after using it, but I can't vouch for much as it has only been 2 days. I will keep you updated and let you know it how it's going after a few weeks - so stay tuned!

In terms of what the device comes with, there's an EU charger for when you go on holiday (which will be great when I go to Egypt), a UK charger for charging at home, both of which is a wire that attaches to a magnet-like thing which attaches to the device, meaning it's safer (and pretty cool!). Alongside that, there's a 1 year warranty that you can sign up to online.

All in all, I'm glad I waited and purchased the Magnitone Lucid rather than the Clarisonic, and I'm also glad I caught a great deal with Superdrug.

Tell me, is there anything that you swear by when it comes to skincare?