Friday 2 August 2013

Weekly Roundup #1


I was catching up with one of my favourite blogs: as I had received an email update of the newest post which was a 'Friday Favorites' post. The 'Friday Favorites' are a) Spelt wrong as 'Favorites' are spelt 'Favourites' in England - haha - and b) nice light hearted post which rounds up Lauren's finds for the week. I loved this idea and decided to write something similar to give you an insight of my week! So, I was looking through my photos I took on my phone and picked a few from this week that I wanted to share:

Satisfying my sweet tooth:
There was some cake on the kitchen counter, it was before dinner time and I was feeling a little hungry... so naturally, I went ahead and cut myself some cake, and with the weather being very hot recently, I took advantage of this and had some Carte D'Or Vanilla Ice-Cream on the side.... weird to have dessert before dinner, but, hey, it was fun! The cake had a vanilla icing in between which was nice.

Organising my closet:
I had a some clothes piling up in the corner of my room that I was determined to not tidy away until I decided to completely clean out my closet, I knew that if this pile kept on building up I would be further motivated to clean my closet quickly and it would be a constant reminder as I entered my room that this needed to be done! After I had moved into my new house I had not gotten a chance to completely sort out my closet AND I didn't have the correct clothes hangers. I wanted cream, matching ones... Call me picky! I DID NOT want to fully do my closet until I had found the right ones so at the time my clothes were just folded and in the shelves - none on hangers - and let me tell you, it was a mess!
When I had found the time, I searched and found some great hangers online. They're velvet, in the colour beige and seem so luxurious.

Mid-week my entire street was faced with a problem: no water. There was a huge pipe that burst at the top of the road meaning that we didn't have water for most of the day! There was enough to brush teeth and take quick showers but no flowing water from the tap. I went to the top of my road and saw a huge flood of water - the police were there, as well as the fire engines and some other people fussing over this! The water was gushing out of the pipe and looked like a flowing river - I was shocked! Anyway, that day felt really weird to me as usually there'd be an unlimited amount of tap water available  this just proves how much we take for granted! The water did come back at about 6pm, though, so we didn't go without it for THAT long, thankfully.

Enjoying the summer:
The fair is back in town! I went to the fair which comes every summer - it's a flashback from my childhood where they sell cotton candy, popcorn and have the same rides which we go on every time, and each year we go on with less and less fear. I went with one of my best friends which I hadn't really had a chance to catch up with for a long while and to be quite honest, when we were on the rides, we didn't notice anything but the deep talks we had gotten into, so it didn't matter whether we were on the ride or sitting on a bench. We then ended up sitting under a tree and this was the picture I took. Enjoying the summer and the gorgeous foliage!

To be honest, I didn't expect to be writing this post and kind of wish I had taken more interesting pictures! Well, I guess I know for the future, now!

So, tell me, what was your highlight of the week?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Keep blooming, berries!