Wednesday 7 August 2013

DIY: Summer-ify Your Notebook


Now that I'm on summer vacation, while I've had a lot of 'do nothing' days, I like to be a little more productive: whether that be tidying my room, doing some chores or just catching up on some reading. Sometimes this can be a little harder than you think, especially when you find that there are a lot of things that need to be done, but very few you actually want to do... are you with me on that? ;)

Well, I have always been a fan of writing diary/journal entries since I was quite young (hence why I now have this blog) and thought that I should vamp up a plain notebook for use as my next journal as my current one was coming to a near end, where I shall pack it away my memories....

You will Need:
- Fabric (enough to cover your notebook)
- Glue (I used PVA - try and get some that dries clear)
- Scissors (to cut... obviously)

- Cut enough fabric to fit the size of your notebook and leave about 2-4cm extra so you can glue it in
- Apply Glue to the notebook
- Carefully stick the fabric onto the notebook
- Fold in the edges and use the scissors to cut off too much excess
- Glue this
- Stick the front and back pages of the notebook to the cover as this would hide the edges of the fabric glued down (I had already written on the front page of my notebook so just got some pink paper, cut to size and did the same kind of thing to hid the excess and make it look neater)
- Leave to dry (mine took a couple of hours, yours may vary depending on the glue/fabric)

That's it! Can you believe that this was once a plain, old, slightly broken, boring black notebook I probably would not have used?! Hey, I guess doing this DIY can save the planet too as it saves paper - see, if I didn't DIY this, I would have bought a new, prettier notebook than the boring, plain one and the boring, plain one would have not been used, hence wasting paper, hence NOT saving the planet!

Doing this was so incredibly easy and there are an endless amount of patterns you can do! I used this lovely floral piece of fabric to create a floral cover for my journal, hence it being Summer-ified! You can add extra 'bling' if you want to or even add some velvet or fur fabric to add texture - hmmm, I think I'll do that next time!

Well, there we go, that's what I DMS (Did MySelf - haha!)...

Okay, well let me know what you'd like me to 'DIY' or DMS (Do MySelf) next time!

Keep Blooming, Berries!

PS. How do you like the new out-ro 'Keep Blooming, Berries!' - creative, huh?? :P