Friday 9 August 2013

Weekly Roundup #2


I did my first 'Weekly Roundup' post last week and liked the idea of it, so this is my second!
Well this week I had said to myself: "you're going to take some awesome pictures for this weeks Weekly Roundup" and guess what? I took the least awesome pictures this week than like, ever. BUT don't be alarmed, I have still gathered SOME pictures to show you and better something than nothing?? :D

This week I tried the Food Doctor Roasted Bean Mix snack. I had been wanting to try out Food Doctor products for a very long time, they're healthy and yummy with a huge range of products but every time I go grocery shopping, I never end up picking it up - but this time, I did! I tweeted about it (link to my twitter HERE) and to my surprise @FoodDoctorUK replied and had a conversation with me online! This actually surprised me as I did not think they'd actually read the tweet I wrote, let alone reply to it! I was absolutely amazed by their customer service and would love to try out more of their products

picture from HERE
This picture I saw on Twitter when JacksGap tweeted it, this was so ironic as just the night before I had changed my photo on FaceBook to this:
Here there's my two friends and I (in the middle) with teeny tiny moustaches drawn on our fingers and taking a picture - which is just like that cute doggie! How funny! Anyway, these are all the things I love, moustaches, smiles, doggies and those girls! ;) xxx

Speaking of my girlies:
This week we had a sleepover! It was a whole lot of fun - I mean what could be better than your besties, food, movies and the whole night to enjoy (and dance)?! We roasted marshmallows on a fire in my garden, made some smores, melted chocolate and had with more chocolate and marshmallows and everything and anything, had some nachos and fresh salsa and even made ourselves some hummus the next day! Oh, and for breakfast we had a yummy fruit bowl and cereal on top to be healthy again after than intense night, you know what I mean! We watched 3 movies - well 2 and a half because SOME people fell asleep before they could finish the third! Oh, and something I can't forget: after the 2nd movie, when the ending titles came on, which was at around 3am, we all randomly got up and.... DANCED. Yes, we were jumping around the living room to 'You Spin My Head Right Round' by Flo Rida. Then we looked out the patio door and got scared and rushed into our sleeping bags and quilts! It was a whole lot of fun!

Well, that's my weekly roundup! I hope you had a lovely week! If you're not doing anything special next week, how about you plan a sleepover and watch 'The Ugly Truth' - I recommend it!

What's your favourite movie?

Keep blooming, berries!