Monday 5 August 2013

Tinsletown - The All American Diner


If you know me at all then you'd know I LOVE America. Yes, I want to live in LA. Doubt it's ever going to happen, but a girl can dream ;)

Anyway, so I went out with the girls to have a fun shopping trip - it was around lunch time and so they decided to go to Tinseltown. I had never been to, nor seen, a Tinseltown - ever - but I had heard about their milkshakes (and nachos). I didn't know that it was an American diner but I did like the retro vibe that came along with the restaurant - very 60's, I could just imagine the waiters transporting around the place in roller-skates!

image from here
Anyway, so being a vegetarian there weren't THAT many choices for food, and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of burgers and such, so I ended up ordering the food keeping in mind I'd order the famous milkshake later on. The only options they really had for vegetarians was a vegetarian wrap, a vegetarian burger and some sides...

We ordered a plate of nachos to share and I have to say: it was good. I liked the guacamole and the salsa, but not so much the sour cream (I think it was)... so the nachos were nice - they were just regular nachos to be honest, the kind you can get anywhere - you know, the kind you order when you go to theme parks and you don't feel like having chips (french fries) - yep.
We did order one plate between 6 of us but we didn't finish them off, and they weren't good enough to take home in a take out box.

The one thing I found kind of weird was that you had to get up to order your food - okay that makes me sound very lazy, but I mean usually there are waitresses/waiters to take your order, right? Well, this time you had to go up to the till - the annoying thing? They didn't have a menu at the till - so it was a bit all over the place by having to carry the huge menus to the counter and then bringing it back and then not knowing where to put it and it was just a confusing thing, but anyway....

So yes, I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of burgers and you couldn't get a side by itself - the sidescome complimentary with any ordered burger/wrap. My friend and I shared as she couldn't eat the entire meal due to the huge size of it, she ordered the wrap and had she got mexican vegetables as a complementary side which I ate. The mexican vegetables were basically like the stuffing of vegetarian fajitas, consisting of vegetables in a tomato based sauce and including kidney beans. I really liked it and would like to make it myself at home. It was quite filling and yummy!

After the meal, we ordered famous milkshakes! They were served in a lovely glass - I'm all for food being served all fancy and I am one that likes to present food nicely anyway (perfectionist side of me coming out there...)!
There were many types of milkshakes too: VIP, Premium, Regular, Chocolate etc...
The VIP had whipped cream, sprinkles, sauce and a wafer as you can see in the picture. This was the 'Ambassador' and 'Brownie Bonanza'. I tried the 'Ambassador' from my friends, and to be honest, it tasted VERY heavy - if that makes sense? It was very chocolatey and to be honest, after the nachos and the meal, I think it was too much.

This is the one I ordered. It was a premium shake in the flavour 'Reeses peanut butter cups'. I have never had the legit Reeses pb cups before - to this day - but I REALLY, REALLY like peanut butter (had some this morning) and so I thought this was a must to try - it was between this or the peanut butter and banana premium shake, then one of the people with us recommended this one, so I went for it. It was nice, and I did end up sharing it, although I had most of it - mwahhaha (fail attempt of an evil laugh.)...
You know what this milkshake tasted of? It tasted of peanut M&M's - the ones that come in a yellow packet. Yes, it tasted EXACTLY like them.

So yes, that was my experience in Tinseltown - would I purposely go again? Probably not. Did I enjoy it, though? Yes, yes I did. However, not enough to make me a convert to a Tinseltown lover. Frankly, I think if you like burgers and chips, and an American Diner experience, I say go for it!

Overall, it was a good experience and I have to say that some of the servers were quite nice, they even bought us some complimentary citrus smelling hand wipes! Although, the lady at the cash register was a bit less smiley, maybe she was just feeling down that day? I don't know, but yes, I had a good time. Oh, and I must warn you, the portions are big... like the way it is imagined to be like in America, so be aware before you order loads, because we were going to order 2 plates of nachos to share but then went for 1 to try first, and there was still more than half left over from that one plate!

There we go, that was my Tinseltown experience! Where do you recommend to try next?