Wednesday 28 August 2013

Thank You


I am not sure you're aware about how it feels to be a blogger - whether you are one yourself or not - and let me tell you: it can be a little scary! See at first I didn't know that anybody would read my blog. I have been a huge makeup, fashion and health blog reader as well as writing personal journal and diaries, so when someone (a very special friend - you know who you are ;) ) suggested that I write a blog at first I thought "Why not? That seems perfect!" and then right after that thought "But who would want to read my rubbish blog?" - but then that special friend gave me that little extra push and gave me confidence to start BerryBloomXO.

The idea of wanting a blog had crossed my mind multiple times since the beginning of 2013, yet I didn't have the push I needed to have the confidence to start, yet on the 16th of June at an engagement party, the topic of blogs had come up and I told my friends the idea - they said I should go for it! For the next week the thought of the blog was on my mind a LOT. Constantly I'd be thinking about what it would contain and I would have started it on the day after the engagement party but it was my exams that were coming in my way.

My last exam was on the 24th of June. I came home, went straight on the internet and made this blog (as well as eating my feelings with a huge packet of biscuits... but shhh...). I didn't think I'd get many pageviews or any readers or anything... and here I am today with over 1,000 views.

You might be thinking that 1,000 views is nothing. Yet to me that's so many. I didn't think I'd get more than 100 views and here I am with 10 times as many. These numbers don't mean much to me but what does mean a lot to me is you. When I read a comment that somebody has left, it warms my heart to know somebody read the post. I LOVE writing these posts. It puts me in my 'happy place'! I know, very cheesy - but true!

Anyway, this post was a bit of a ramble but the reason I wanted to write it is not to brag or anything - I know to most people 1000 views is close to nothing - but I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you for reading this. Without you reading the previous posts, this one wouldn't have been created.

Thank you for providing me with confidence. Even if you're not a follower or you don't read regularly, thank you for reading this anyway. If you are a regular Thank You sooo much for your support, it's so much appreciated. If you are going to become a regular: Welcome to the family.

That was filmed the day the day of the party - with 2 friends supporting me! Thank you girls.

Lots of Love, and Thanks again.