Friday 30 August 2013

Weekly Roundup #5


What a crazy week it's been. Is it just me or do you also get the feeling that on one hand this week has raced by but when you think about it, it's actually gone reeeaaaalll slow? Hmm, I don't know!

Anyway this week was the last of my summer so most of it was just spent relaxing. To be honest, having a holiday longer than 2 months with nothing to do is a drag. I prefer being busy. Okay, at first it felt like heaven: NOTHING to do is perfection, but then after about 3 weeks it really did just get too much! I guess it's right when they say that what's perceived is always greater than reality. We should just keep dreaming, then, hey? :D

Anyway so the first of my favourites was finishing reading my book. Favourite Past-time: Reading
Being it the holidays, and having nothing to do, you would expect there to be MORE time to read, right? Wrong. I found that by the time I went to bed I would be knackered and wouldn't have the energy to read! I usually read in my bed before going to sleep - but in order to finish this book, I took advantage of the beautiful weather in London and lay out in my garden with the book. Be sure to check out a BerryReads post on this soon! :D

Food Favourite: Tea
Well, this isn't really a food, more of a beverage, but on the way back from the beach on the day before Bank Holiday Monday I wanted to get a nice hot beverage. Earlier I had a vanilla coffee latte so I didn't want another coffee, also it was closer to bedtime so... yes. Saying that, it doesn't mean this tea was caffeine free, I think it was but I am not too sure. Anyway, this is a favourite this week because I love holding these cups when walking around, the tea itself? Meh, it was ok. haha! It wasn't my favourites but it wasn't terrible. To be honest, I couldn't taste a lot of it because I burnt my gum because I took a big sip of the boiling hot water, silly me!

Favourite thing to look at: My Flowers!
Well, I think I told you but I have flowers on my bathroom windowsill that I like to keep to brighten up the room (and add a little pink!) and for a while they didn't have the best blooms.  Oh, and you can probably tell I like blooms - BerryBLOOMxo, HELLO! haha! So, when they weren't blooming, I was wandering why. Maybe because I wasn't watering them enough. I decided to sod the 'you're going to overwater and kill it' thought in my mind and give the plant lots of water every so often. I used to be very strict and only water it like 2 times a week but now I just water it whenever I feel like it (sometimes 3 days straight) and it seems to be doing great. Even if it's got some water in the soil already, I like to give it more, and now they look lovely!

I guess this relates to life: water/ fill life with what it needs very often and you will bloom! Which relates to health as well, feed your body with the nutrition it needs and your health will be great! I should be listening to my own advice right now too!

Anyway I hope you had a great week and rock out, or relax, during the weekend!
What are your plans? Maybe buy some flowers to brighten up your room?