Monday 3 March 2014

Happy Pancake Day!


Tomorrow is no ordinary Tuesday… it's Shrove Tuesday! Yay, pancakes for all! :)

Of course, this post has to be based around the festivities! Well today I bought a packet of Pancake Mix and was thinking what toppings to put on the pancakes tomorrow, and incase you're in the same situation, here are some intriguing ideas that may help:

Go Fruity

Adding Fruits of your choice with a bit of Golden Syrup or Honey on top will be lovely! I love the combination of Strawberries and Banana.

Nuts & Custard
The idea of warm custard drizzled on the pancake sounds amazing, with a bit of cinnamon and some nuts on top would be perfect for a comforting pancake

Jam it Up
Jam is so sweet with a fruity flavour too, top that on your pancake for a nice spread - if you want a PB&J version, add some Peanut Butter!

Nutella, Duh! 
What's a crepe or pancake without some Nutella? The world's favourite chocolate hazelnut spread…. on a pancake… on Shrove Tuesday… yumm 

Granola Pancake
Crunch form the granola and a soft pancake sounds so well-fitting! 

Ice-Cream and Fruit
Ice-Cream with Fruit and honey/golden syrup is the perfect pancake. Add a drizzle of Nutella and that's heaven for ya.

What's your favourite Pancake Topping? 

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