Wednesday 26 March 2014

Health Benefits of Raisins


I know raisins are a very controversial food - some love them and others hate them… I, for one, am definitely do not agree with the latter!
I LOVE raisins and having consuming it a lot recently, I was interested in the health benefits of it - and seeing as you're reading this, I guess you are too - so let's crack on!

Promotes Efficient Absorption of Vitamins, Proteins and Nutrients
This leads to a better immune system which helps fight off disease!

Aids Digestion
Due to the high fibre content of raisins, it helps maintain regular bowl movements (avoid constipation) and therefore toxins and waste materials can be easily passed out of your body. In addition, Raisins are naturally sweet, so the fruit sugars are easy to digest, unlike the processed sugars in many of our foods today! These natural sugars are said to help the spikes or plunges in insulin levels which can be dangerous for diabetes patients (medium Glycemic Index)

Protection against Cavities and Tooth Decay
Due to the 'oleanolic acid' in Raisins, growth of harmful bacteria is prevented. This also reduces risk of gum disease

Source of Calcium
Keep your bones and teeth strong! Due to content of micronutrient 'Boron', calcium absorption is helped, therefore more calcium for your body.

Source of Iron & Copper
Which is necessary for Red Blood Cell Formation

Reduce Body Acidity
Raising are a source of Potassium and Magnesium - this helps reduce body acidity. Potassium is also said to reduce Blood Pressure

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial Properties

Source of Antioxidants
Prevents development of Tumours

Vitamins A, C, B6, F, K

Ways to Consume in your Diet...
I love to add raisins to my breakfast. In the picture above, I've topped wholewheat toast with Peanut Butter, Flaxseed (see their benefits here) and Raisins! So yummy, honestly! I love to have this with a bowl of fruit and a chai tea latte! You have to try it! 

Also, to a bowl of Shredded wheat, I like to add raisins - and if I feel like some peanut butter, I add that too, and occasionally some flaxseeds! Do you see a trend, here? haha!

Also, if you like raisins and shredded wheat, try raisin wheats as a snack or as breakfast - as shown in this post!

I hope you found out more about raisins, decide to maybe consume some and gain from their benefits! So, tell me, do you love/hate raisins?! 

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