Monday 24 March 2014

Motivation Monday: Quit Comparing Yourself


The weekend has, once again, slipped away far too quickly! You know the saying 'You learn something new everyday'?! Well, this weekend I came to a realisation of something I had already known, something I am sure you already know, but I have just begun to experience the after-effects of this - hence it's the theme of this post…

We are constantly looking at others and comparing ourselves in relation to them.
Looking in that magazine and wishing had the same ____ as that model…
Looking at the person sitting near you on the  bus and wishing you had beautiful long legs like they do… or even:
Looking at the pictures posted on your FaceBook Timeline and wishing you were doing what they are doing in the place they are at…

What we don't tend to realise is what we have in front of us. How far you have come in wherever you are now. Things you have Accomplished. Achieved. Been Awarded. Goals met. Skills learnt. Knowledge. Ability to Laugh. Make Jokes. Smile. Places visited. Things Done. Opportunities taken advantage of. Things tried. Potential. Capabilities. Your Life.

No-one else will live the same life as you. You will not have the same life as someone else, so why compare? Why fit yourself in this tiny little box that other people seem to think "ideal" when you can make wherever you're at in your life ideal to you. Sure we all wish we had somethings about us that we want to change, but we have so much more to be grateful for.

1 // 2 // 3
Take a look at these images - they show a different approach at "Comparison". Comparing ourselves to others doesn't make one happy - if it does, it's very short-lived happiness. Keeping in mind that being happy by bringing someone else down is not fun. That someone else includes yourself. 

I'm going to leave you with this ^ - possibly the cutest and truest picture ever! Love yourself and you'll be happy. With a big smile across your face, nothing else in the world matters - just Enjoy.

Tell me one thing YOU are grateful for?! Hope you have a fantastic week!