Friday 7 March 2014

Animal Cuteness Overload!


While writing this post for a lovely Friday, my friends new puppy came to mind! She just bought a cute little husky and was showing me pictures the other day, so in honour of the little cutie, you shall see an array of cute animal photos today! Hopefully it's the start to a brilliant weekend!

Little known fact: I used to have a hamster, she was white with red eyes (sounds scary, but wasn't!) and her name was Nicky! This hamster is so super cute and I just imagine it going 'What's up, Dawgg?'

Now that's legit Puppy Dog Eyes!

Another little known fact: I used to have a Rabbit named Jerry! Though, I didn't feed it Doritos! If I did, it would have been the Tangy Cheese Flavour! ;)


I love squirrels! After they see you more often, they don't run away from you - unless you chase after them, of course! My neighbourhood squirrels are used to people now, and this one's just chilling and reminding me of Mr Burns from The Simpsons "Eeeeexcellenttt…"

*Gasp* Monkey!

Finally, the cutest tabby ever! 
Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend! 

Aren't they just the cutest little things? What's your fav animal? Mines a monkey!