Wednesday 25 June 2014

July 2014 Calendar - Free Printable


How are you enjoying June? Well, look out because July is just around the corner! With July being Summer, a ton of events have popped up on my calendar... but I don't have a calendar... >.< #fail
Having not gotten around to buying a calendar as I thought virtual calendars would do the job - there hasn't been much use of that.

 You've got to admit that nothing beats a good old ACTUAL calendar which you write on with a pen and even draw teeny pictures on the dates (okay maybe that's only me..) - just like how a handwritten diary is always more fun than a typed out one.. do you agree??

Anyway, to the point, I was making my calendar for July to put up on my wall and thought you might enjoy one too - here are two designs which you can download - it is completely free. 

Click HERE to Download

Click HERE to Download

Tell me, can you live without a calendar?