Wednesday 4 June 2014

Top Ten Benefits of Aloe Vera


Having seen Aloe Vera Water in many stores and even local newsagents now, I thought it would be really interesting to see the benefits of Aloe Vera. Thats when Kirsty came in contact with me.

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Right so here are the health benefits of Aloe Vera and why growing an Aloe Plant this year may not be a bad thing:

 The healing powers and restorative benefits of aloe Vera make it something of a jack-of-all-trades in the health community. The gel inside of the green spikey plant has powers that range from healing burns to supporting bodily functions. Here is a look at ten different uses you have with just one simple plant-

1. It soothes burns- One of aloes most revered qualities, just rub the gel on your sunburn and you'll instantly feel it cool down. It also helps in making it heal faster.

2. It gives you smooth skin, too- If you apply it to an area of your face with acne, the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe will reduce the redness and size of acne.

3. It even helps your skin during an allergic reaction- If you consumed something you are allergic to and are experiencing puffy, red skin, aloe Vera can be applied to reduce the swelling and treat the itchiness. You should still go to a hospital, but aloe Vera will at least reduce the physical symptoms.

4. It can do wonders to reverse the signs of aging- If your body is starting to show the signs of getting older and you want to reduce wrinkles or crow's feet, apply aloe Vera to the areas affected for minor relief. The plant's special ability is so magical that it can actually reduce some of the signs of the aging process.

 5. You can use it in the shower- Aloe Vera makes an excellent body scrub, as you will smell excellent and feel smoother after applying it to your skin. You can also use it in your hair, giving you a silk-like smoothness to it.

6. Give your immune system a boost- Aloe Vera provides a boost for your immune system. Just drink a small amount to give your body a natural enhancement that will keep colds away and also enhance your digestive system.

7. Aloe Vera helps fight mouth problems- If you have gum disease or even something as small as a cut in your mouth, aloe Vera will help in healing those problems and preventing continuous bleeding. It also fights bacteria, giving you a cleaner feel after brushing your teeth.

8. It can help those with diabetes- Aloe Vera or supplements containing aloe Vera are an all-natural alternative to fighting high blood sugar levels in diabetics. After a few months of use, you will notice a significant improvement and will feel excellent.

9. Help fight asthma- If you are feeling short of breath, just boil some aloe Vera leaves in hot water and breathe in the steam. It creates an excellent, all natural smell, and will open up your airways.

10. Fight ear and eye infections- Aloe Vera works great as a general anti-inflammatory and as an anti-irritant. These powers even stretch into infections of the eye or ear, where some applied aloe Vera can reduce the pain and swelling.

A European Health Insurance Card will get you access too many things that can fight the above mentioned ailments, but a simple application of aloe Vera can do wonders as well.
So, I hope you enjoyed the post by Kirsty, have you used Aloe Vera in your beauty regimen or tried Aloe Vera Water?