Wednesday 18 June 2014

Purchase of The Week: Vaseline Active Fresh Deodorant

The name of this product is a bit of a mouthful, the packaging resembles a mushroom and the words 'Antiperspirant' and 'Cream' together makes me feel a little skeptical about this product. Well, you never know unless you try and that's why the POTW* is this very product.

Seeing as it is new, the product was on sale, so I thought 'What the hey?' and picked it up. Summer means sweaty people and sweaty people mean B.O. We can't prevent other people smelling up the train or the classroom but the best we can do is make sure we don't add to the smell!

See what I mean by 'Mushroom'?!
There are many ways to prevent smelling throughout the day, but it begins with a good deodorant in the morning. Later on, you can have a body splash in your bag - but anti-persirants are key!

Overall, the 'mushroom' head does seem quite practical as it would fit perfecting under the arms hence it's a good idea! Vaseline has a great reputation and lets hope it doesn't go against my high hopes!

What's your favourite deodorant for the summer? 

*POTW= Purchase Of The Week