Friday 6 June 2014

Ins & Outs


Happy Friday! If you didn't know, today marks the last day of my exams. At 3pm today, they said 'Stop writing and put your pens down.' That was the last of it... For this year, anyway! 

If you have noticed, BBXO doesn't do the 'monthly favourites' and although there is the 'BerryWeekly' series, there is nothing quite like the favourites of the month. Considering we are a couple of days into June and it's an a Friday, let's give the 'ins and outs' posts a try.

Okay, sorry for the long winded intro, BUT here are the Ins and Outs of this week :)

You have heard way too much about this series from me, but you got to hear it again. I have been absolutely in LOVE with it. Finishing the first season in a couple of days - a record for me - and already almost half way through the second shows you just how much I love it.

Lily Pebbles
Finding Lily Pebbles on YouTube has been so great. She has beauty videos and posts vlogs too. If you haven't seen her channel yet, I suggest you give it a watch! Her bedding is gorgeous too - so pretty! 

The Tig
AGAIN with Suits! Oh my gosh, you probably hate me now, but one of the actresses, Meghan Markle, has her own lifestyle blog which I literally found today and am already in LOVE with it. She's based it all around her love for Fashion & Beauty, travel and she's a real Foodie (like me! 😉).

Boy, am I glad to have that on out! It's been a stressful couple of weeks, but honestly, I think revising wasn't too bad. The exams themselves were generally quite horrible. Though, the fact that we had study leave was bliss - taking breaks whenever I felt like and all was a good feeling. 

Crack-less Phone
To clarify, this means the beloved iPhone has a crack! If you're anything like me then you drop your phone a million times a day. Fortunately for me, it had never cracked - until this time. It was one drop too many, however, It's only a tiny crack so I guess you could call it luck...

A load of TV series... 
Due to the fact that I'm scared of running out of Suits episodes for me to watch, I'm trying to find another series which I could fall in love with... Suits is great because of its sophistication yet drama at the same time. I love the idea of working hard to get what you want and this show is exactly that - for the most part. All of this logical thinking behind the series is great and I have yet to find another series's like it. I've tried the trailers of many shows such as 'The White Collar', 'Hart of Dixie', 'Game of Thrones', 'Orange is the new Black', 'Drop Dead Diva', 'Intelligence' and a load more! But nothing come to standards with suits.... Your recommendations would be so helpful! 

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So, tell me: What do you recommend as a must-watch TV series?