Friday 13 June 2014

BerryWeekly: Picking Strawberries, Google Street Car & Pancakes!


June, July and August - the months of the year the Pick Your Own Farms are busiest. August is the month of Sweetcorn, July the month of Raspberries and Strawberries are the fruits of June.
Last weekend, my family and I went to a 'Pick Your Own' farm. We go every year and this year was just as fun!

Overdramatic photo? It's an edit from the one below - how cool?!

Less Dramatic Photo
PS. Manicure Shade HERE
While going into the grocery store I passed this robotic thing. That's right, there's like a load of cameras on that blue ball attached to the car. Definitely a sight you don't see everyday. So, I had to take a picture and it looked sooooo cool!! I never thought they looked liked that! Well, now we know! 

As we finished exams (which you've probably heard too many times now), a celebration was due! We went to a local pancake spot and ordered food for a late Sunday lunch. More specifically, I ordered Pancake (more like a crepe) with bananas, toasted nuts, ice-cream and the oh-so-heavenly chocolate sauce. It was so yum!

Oh, and for a drink I got a Smoothie with Mango, Passionfruit and something else which I forgot... maybe pineapple?

Finally, I tidied away the years worth of work and this is the completed exam timetable - all exams crossed off. Oh, what a great feeling!

Did you know there was a 'Google Street Maps' CAR?!