Monday 2 June 2014

Motivation Monday: Maya Angelou Edition


You probably have heard about the death of Maya Angelou, may she rest in peace. I actually received an email from BBC when the news was out but didn't think much of it. You probably think I am rude and horrible to ignore a message like that - well, in all honesty, I didn't know who Maya Angelou was and the name did not ring a bell...

To be completely honest, I don't really know who she is until this day but seeing her quotes on twitter and other social media she seems like such an inspiration. What better time to be inspired by them then now? :)

Oh, and WARNING: things might be a little cheesy on my behalf... sorry!

I like this one, it shows that we should do our best now - we shall improve and make the most of what we have now. I feel in our generation we are always looking for more - we never have enough with what we have. This reminds me to be grateful of what we have. 

This makes me feel a little sentimental and to appreciate the people around me. Again with taking things for granted - who knows what other people are feeling and what their day was like, so a small positive gesture can make a big difference.

This is my favourite one. She looks so happy and the quote is genius. 

How are you inspired by Maya Angelou?